Boveda Humidity Packs – Complete Guide [2024]

Boveda packs are a convenient way to maintain proper humidity in any humidor or container. No distilled water, no wiping, and no risk of developing mold. Read on to find out what is in a Boveda pack and how to use it.

If you are already a fan of no-mess-no-worries humidification, you will be pleased to know that there are Boveda packs for seasoning your humidor and calibrating your hygrometer.

how Boveda packs work

2-way Humidity Packs

A Boveda pack contains natural salt, purified water, and an odorless food-grade thickener. All these ingredients are contained in a leak-proof membrane that allows the water vapor to flow in and out. This is the 2-way humidity control. When the humidity is above the desired level, the natural salt absorbs the excess moisture. And when the humidity is below the desired level, the package releases water vapor.

There are different humidity-level packs for cigars on the market. You can choose between 65%, 69%, 72%, and 75%. Boveda packs come in different sizes for different numbers of cigars – 8, 60, and 320-gram packs. There are also 84% one-step seasoning kits for your humidor and calibration kits for your hygrometer.

How To Use Them

To use Boveda, remove the overwrap from the pack. Place the Boveda pack in your cigar storage. You can place the humidifier wherever you want in the cigar storage – it is completely safe to be in contact with your stogies.

how to use a Boveda pack

There is a Boveda Holder that is available in aluminum and wood. You can attach it to the lid of your humidor. The Holder holds two size 60 packs and the Boveda Mounting Plate is suitable for mounting size 320 packs in your humidor.

Boveda holder attached on a humidor

How Many Boveda Packs You Need?

The two-way humidification is available in different sizes. There are three sizes of Boveda for cigar humidification – sizes 8, 60, and 320. Size 8 is suitable for travel humidors and cigar cases. The size 60 is for desktop humidors and the size 320 is for larger cigar storage such as wineadors and tupperdors.

To keep your sticks fresh

You need a size 8 pack for every 5 sticks. Size 60 can keep 25 cigars fresh. Size 320 is for about 100 cigars.

To season your humidor

Your humidor only needs to be seasoned regularly if it is filled with wood. Boveda offers packs of size 60 84%. It is enough for seasoning up to a 25-count humidor.

You can also find Humidor Starter Kits for different humidor sizes. The Starter Kit contains 84% RH packs for seasoning, 72% packs for maintenance, and detailed instructions.

To calibrate your hygrometer

The One-Step Calibration Kit is available both separately and as part of the Boveda Humidor Starter Kit. A 75% size 8 pack is enough to calibrate your hygrometer for 24 hours. You can use it with both analog and digital hygrometers.

One-Step Calibration Kit Boveda

How long does Boveda pack last? When Do I Replace My Boveda?

In general, you should replace your Boveda pack every two to three months. But some factors can shorten the period in which you need to replace your Boveda with a new one. Cold and dry climates and indoor heating can speed up the replacement of the humidification pack.

When you take out a new pack out of the plastic overwrap, it is soft. When you start to feel hard lumps, it is time to replace the Boveda bag with a new one.


How many times can you use Boveda packs?

You can use a Boveda pack for two to three months. When the pack has expired, you can rehydrate the pack. But it won’t provide an accurate relative humidity level. The risk of damaging your cigars increases.

How do you know when a Boveda pack is bad?

If the pack feels hard at room temperature, this means that you should get a new Boveda pack to keep your cigars fresh.

Can you put too many Boveda packs in a humidor?

No, you can’t. Boveda is designed to stop releasing moisture when the relative humidity reaches a certain level even if you add more Boveda packs than you should.

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