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Entering the cigar world is the first step in a long journey full of good and bad experiences. We have been there and gone through it all. On our way to becoming true cigar aficionados, we read a lot of cigar industry media to learn what to do and what not to do.

Cigar Journal Magazine is one of our favorite guides in this industry. They have been in this business for over twenty years and have a lot of experience gathering knowledge from all phases of cigar making to enjoying the final product. Trusting their cigar reviews has given each of us many wonderful smoking sessions. Their tips didn't just end at choosing cigars; they also educated us on the importance of having the best cigar cutter for a clean cut, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

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Cigar Journal

Their team of international authors and industry insiders provides knowledge from the basics to advanced topics, cigar reviews, and news. Among them, Marc André, a renowned humidor manufacturer, shares expertise on choosing the best cigar humidor as well as the best electric humidor options for those who seek modern and efficient solutions for their cigar storage. Frank Hidien, former editor-in-chief of German magazine Pipe & Cigar; and Frank Seltzer, two-time Emmy award winner, also contribute their extensive expertise to the magazine.

Cigar Journal's cigar reviews helped us develop our palates with their expert reviews of cigars. They rely on blind tastings with dozens of individual smokes, standardized testing procedures, and protocols. This is done so that as few factors as possible influence the smoking experience. In this way, the public around the globe receives a summary of the tasters' ratings.

Thanks to Cigar Journal's tasting panel, there are rankings like "Cigar Journal's Top 25: Cigar of The Year" and "Cigar Journal's Best Buy Cigars of The Year." These rankings provide you with the top cigars of the current year and the best affordable cigar options.

You know the traditional meaning of "cigar journal": a notebook or a specially designed cigar journal with empty fields for the cigar's characteristics. In it, you can jot down information about a cigar, such as its flavor characteristics, its origin, how long you smoked it, the right combination of food or drink, and other details you think are important. Cigar Journal Magazine is not far removed from this meaning in its inception. But on a more global scale, bringing together a community of aficionados. To share knowledge and experiences so that everyone can enjoy the best smoke.

Cigar News and Journal for Germany

If you want to expand your knowledge about cigars, Germany is a very interesting market. The cigar segment of the German market is expected to grow by 0.54% (2023-2027), resulting in a market size of $0.88 billion by 2027. And the eCommerce market for cigars in Germany is expected to reach $46.9 million in sales by the end of this year, representing an estimated growth rate of 34% over 2022. And Cigar Journal and Magazine has built a good partnership with local contributors who create content from the local cigar industry. The German market has to offer some delightful stogies with brilliant presentation.

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