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Cigar News from the US

The premium cigar market in the U.S. is seeing record numbers, with 456 million imports for U.S. consumption. The trend of increasing sales of cigars continues in early 2022. This enormous market creates a nourishing ground for a rich cigar culture. U.S. cigar aficionados need relevant and up-to-date information and news. And on the other hand, cigar life creates events and updates that will fascinate you.

Cigar News from Germany

Across the pond, Germany is an interesting cigar market that we will be covering in our Cigar Journal and Magazine too.  Over 2.5 billion cigars were sold in 2021. German cigar culture has a rich history with many local cigar makers and tobacco professionals. Cigars are considered a traditional product that is part of the European cultural heritage.

Cigar Journal and Magazine

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The cigar world can be intimidating with its Spanish words and other terms. Our journal and magazine will help you understand the unfamiliar part of cigar culture! After you gain some experience smoking and reading our cigar journal, you can reach for luxury cigars and be sure you are making the right choice.