The Freemason Cigars

You have probably heard of the Freemasons. The secrecy surrounding their rituals promotes many misunderstandings and conspiracy theories. In reality, Freemasonry is the oldest worldwide fraternal organization. Members of the Brotherhood have been politicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and engineers. And what goes best with an intellectual conversation? A good cigar, of course. 

No Cigars for the Freemasons

There are records of Freemasons enjoying cigars during or after meetings. Smoking cigars is still practiced in many lodges today. On one such occasion, Brothers WB Fouad Kashouty and Brother George Dakrat conclude that there are no Masonic cigars on the market. There were no cigars bearing the Masonic symbols. Symbolism is an important part of the world of Freemasonry.

The idea of WB Kashouty and Brother Dakrat led to the creation of Hiram & Solomon Cigars. They researched and looked for the right place to make Freemason cigars. Initially, they established a location in the Dominican Republic, but after a while, they moved to Nicaragua. There they began to create complex and delicious tobacco blends.

The Masonic cigars

Hiram & Solomon Cigars created a cigar that not only represents the Freemasons around the world, but is also available to all cigar lovers. Their cigar lines are named: Enter Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason, Shriner, Traveling Man, The Grand Architect, and The Veiled Prophet. They choose the names and symbols of their cigars based on the hierarchical degrees, groups, and ideals of Freemasonry. After Brother Darkat’s retirement in 2020, the company’s portfolio was expanded.

masonic cigars

Premium Freemason Cigars Yet Available for All

Hiram & Solomon Cigars makes handmade premium cigars that match the caliber and spirit of the Brotherhood. There’s a lot of craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and consistency in every cigar. But you do not have to be a Mason to enjoy a Masonic cigar. Choose some of the Freemason cigars and immerse yourself in your time of relaxation and reflection.

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