Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Torpedo Review



Origin: Nicaragua;

Smoking time: 60 to 90 minutes;

Packaging: single, pack of five, a box of twenty;

Price: $18.49 per stick, $92.75 per pack, $371.00 per box.

Wrapper: Sun Grown Nicaraguan;

Blinder: Nicaraguan;

Filler: Nicaraguan;

Size: 6×52;

Vitola: Torpedo;

Wrapper Color: Maduro;

wrapper color

Construction: Even;

Handmade: Yes.

Strength: Medium-Full;

Body: Full;

Aroma: Cholocate, Ice-cream, Pepper;

Initial taste: Chocolate;

First third: Pepper, Chocolate, Cocoa, Coffee with nuts;

Second third: Sweet cream and Dark chocolate;

Final third: Sweet, creamy coffee with Peppery ending, leather.

Smoking Hub Rating: 4.5;

Awards and Ranking: Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of 2021.

Draw: Ideal;

Burn: Cool;

Smoke: Rich, Opulent;

Ash: Silvery white.

The first puffs are powerful and full-bodied, with a distinctive peppery flavor that goes away. This cigar is not suitable for first-time smokers or novice smokers, but it is a must-have for every cigar aficionado.

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Origin, Blend, and Vitolas

The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series line was released in 1994 to commemorate the company’s 30 anniversary. The line was introduced as box-pressed cigars in honor of the Cuban tradition. The Torpedo cigars are made with four-year-aged tobacco leaves. The double band features an individually numbered label. The cigars have an excellent draw and burn evenly. The experts have ranked the Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series as one of the top brands in the world. We were impatient to make this review of one of the best quality cigars.

The blend features Sun grown Nicaraguan tobacco, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler.

For our Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series review, we picked Torpedo vitola. According to the company’s site, the blend is available in almost every type of vitola.

On the market

The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Torpedo is available as 20 Count and 5 Pack.


The wrapper is dark brown with a few visible veins; the surface is smooth with a slight oily sheen.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Torpedo

Pre-Light Draw, Aroma, Taste

The pre-light smell of the Padrón 1964 Torpedo is delightful and sweet, like a rich tobacco smell with dark chocolate. We cut about 2/8 inch of the head of the cigar. The pre-light draw is just like the smell. It tastes as it smells – wonderfully. The wrapper is dark brown with a few visible veins; the surface is smooth with a slight oily sheen.

First Third

After lighting the cigar, you could feel the thick opulent smoke that leaves a silky feeling in the mouth. The first few draws are strong, full-body.

This gem has a pretty rare quality for the premium cigar industry, which is the consistency of its taste. From its release back in 1994 till now, the cigar’s taste hasn’t changed. The first third taste that you feel is black pepper with woody and nutty notes, cocoa, and chocolate. This kind of aged tobacco is distinctive for its natural sweetness. The initial pepperiness disappears after a few minutes of smoking.

Second Third

The second third shift the flavor a little. It is still creamy and sweet but with some really dark chocolate. With every puff, the chocolate is getting more and more pronounced. We definitely do not recommend this cigar for the first one ever tried. This is a full-bodied cigar with medium-to-full strength, and it is just too intense for a novice smoker.

Final Third

The final third has a lovely sweet, creamy coffee flavor, dark chocolate again. The flavor transitioning is mellow. The ash falls on one-inch chunks throughout the smoking session. The burn is almost a straight line. Close to the nub, the pepperiness is getting back with some leathery notes to it. At this point, you can remove the double band of the cigar.


The silvery white ash is holding fine after around a quarter of an hour of burning time.


The cigar’s construction is perfect, so it burns cool and evenly.


This Padrón cigar has nice, voluminous, and thick smoke.

What Drink and Food Pairs Well with the Cigar

This cigar pairs well with single malt whiskey; it complements the flavor of the cigar. Scotch is also a good pairing. Coffee, especially espresso.

Cigar Smoked for This Review and Tasting Methodology

For this review, our team smoked six cigars, each smoking 1 cigar per day for 2 days. We drank water while smoking the Padrón cigars so that our palates would be clear and the flavors of the cigar and the drink would not overlap.

Final Verdict

Our experience after 6 days of testing the cigar was categorical. We absolutely agree that the Padrón 1964 is a remarkable stick that every cigar lover should include in their journal.

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