Amerigo Luxury Humidor Review [No Bias]



Amerigo Luxury Humidor

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 25 – 50 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: A PU leather appearance. Acrylic glass top.

Manufacturer: Amerigo;

Country of Origin: China;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 11/10.5/5.5;

Interior and Materials: PU leather, cedar lining, acrylic glass;

Lock: No;

Drawers: No;

Trays: No;

Lighting: No.

Humidification: Yes, a round humidifier;

Hygrometer: Yes, an analog hygrometer;

Water tank capacity: No water tank included; 

Thermometer: No;

Temperature control: No;

Ventilation: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

Key Features

This gem is probably the best humidor for beginners. It is as beautiful as a cigar accessory should be. It is as good at storing cigars as a humidor should be. And the storage capacity is perfect for someone just entering the world of cigar lovers. The storage is also suitable for an aficionado who wants to have some of their favorite everyday smokes on the desk.

The PU leather finish gives Amerigo a soft and elegant look. The analog hygrometer also adds to the classy look. This is the advantage of analog hygrometers: they are gorgeously beautiful.

The top acrylic glass provides you with a nice view of your sticks.

The Amerigo Luxury Humidor has a round humidifier so the cedar lining and your cigars have the perfect humidity level.


  • Convenient size with optimal storage capacity.
  • Well handcrafted.
  • The rubber gasket sealed hygrometer lets you to monitor humidity without having to open the door.


  • The built-in humidifier needs additional humidification to keep 50 cigars fresh.

Packaging and shipping

The humidor came well packaged. In the package were the humidor, a hygrometer, a humidifier, and instructions on how to use and care for the humidor.

Shipping and returns are free of charge. This is the case with any product if you are an Amazon Prime member.


Amerigo is as handcrafted as any other luxury humidor. The PU leather finish gives the humidor a unique look. The stitching shows the precision work that went into making this humidor.

The humidor is 11 inches wide, 10.5 inches deep, and 5.5 inches high. This is a very good size for a desktop humidor. It is a good compromise between wanting to have enough cigars within reach and not wanting the humidor to take up too much space on your table.

There is an analog hygrometer on the front. The lid has a wide acrylic glass.


Not surprisingly, the interior is lined with Spanish cedar. An adjustable divider, also made of Spanish cedar, is included.

We dream of technology that will let humidors of this size be equipped with light and ventilation. So far, these features are not available in smaller humidors.

Amerigo’s humidification system does not include a water reservoir. We can also blame this on the size of the humidor.

Setup and Seasoning

The Amerigo Luxury cigar humidor setup took thirteen days. We cleaned the inside of the humidor of all production residue and calibrated the hygrometer. Then we placed a coffee cup with distilled water in the humidor.

The calibration process is not the famous “salt test” We used the One-Step Calibration Kit from Boveda. To get 75% RH with table salt and water, you should measure the active ingredients much more accurately than “about half a spoonful of this” and “a few drops of that.”

Amerigo Luxury humidor setup and seasoning

The results of the analog hygrometer were almost the same as those of our SMARTRO. You can see that the process went smoothly. When the RH reached 76%, we put the cigars in and changed the cup with the round crystal gel humidifier.


You can fit 25 to 50 cigars in the Amerigo, you can fit 25 to 50 cigars, depending on the particular vitola. This is a good storage capacity for a desktop humidor. You better check these cigar humidors if you need a different storage capacity.


The seal of this desktop humidor is so good that it easily passes the dollar bill test. The seal is excellent. With such a huge hole in the lid, doubts always arise as to whether there is a leak between the glass and the frame. No, there is no leak of this kind with the Amerigo humidor.

Humidification System

There is a round humidifier. The moisture source inside the ABS case is gel crystals.

With crystal gel humidifiers, you need to know that the humidity goes up when it is hot and it goes down when it is colder. Typically, they hold the humidity level for about two to three months before you need to refill the humidifier with distilled water.


Amerigo has an analog hygrometer mounted on the front. It’s just as nice as any other analog hygrometer. But this one has triangular markings for the proper humidity range. They make it difficult to get an accurate reading. You have to estimate the value by comparing it to the other marks to get a percentage value.


No, you cannot monitor the temperature inside the humidor without an additional device. 


No, there is no thermostat. For this reason, and because of the wide glass top, you should keep the humidor in a thermo-controlled environment and away from any heat sources and sunlight.


Amerigo Luxury Humidor test with cigars (before)

At the beginning of the experiment, the three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko had a relative humidity of 66%.

Contrary to the instructions that come with the humidor, we soaked the humidifier in distilled water for two hours. We did this to make sure the gel crystals absorbed all the moisture they needed. After the two hours, they were nicely soaked up. We then placed the humidifier on a paper towel to soak up the water from the case and the excess water from the gel crystals.

Amerigo humidor test month

The round humidifier can probably maintain the proper humidity for about 10 cigars. If your cigar collection is larger, you will need additional humidification.

The included hygrometer worked fine. And thanks to the glass cover, we could monitor the humidity inside without opening the lid and disturbing the environment inside.

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How long will a cigar last in an Amerigo Luxury Humidor?

High-quality cigars can last up to five years in a properly seasoned and maintained Amerigo Luxury humidor.

How often should I wet my Amerigo Luxury Humidor?

The more often you open it, the more you need to re-humidify the humidifier. In general, you should season your humidor once every three months.

Do cigars really need a humidor?

Yes, you do need a humidor. Otherwise, your cigars will dry out and possibly lose their flavor.

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