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solana desktop humidor by quality importers

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 75 – 100 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: SureSeal lid technology. Drawer for storage of accessories. Spanish cedar tray and three dividers. Brass inset handles.

Manufacturer: Quality Importers Trading Co, Inc.;

Country of Origin: the U.S.A.;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 14.5/10.5/8;

Interior and Materials: Rosewood finish with fine wood inlays, Spanish cedar lining, felt-lined drawer, and brass hardware;

Lock: Yes;

Drawers: Yes, one accessory drawer;

Trays: Yes, one cedar tray;

Lighting: No.

Humidification: Yes, a rectangular humidifier;

Hygrometer: Yes, a analog hygrometer;

Water tank capacity: No water tank included; 

Thermometer: No;

Temperature control: No;

Ventilation: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

Key Features

The exterior, the first feature you will notice, is high-gloss rosewood with maple burl inlays. The wood construction and decoration are evidence of a high level of craftsmanship.

Thanks to the front-mounted hygrometer, you can keep an eye on the humidity inside without opening the unit. We are not sure if the fact that it is an analog device is a negative feature. We prefer digital hygrometers, but some ladies and gentlemen prefer the classic beauty of analog hygrometers.

You can keep your lighters and cutters in one place in the felt-lined drawer. The lining is scratch-resistant. The drawer fits an ashtray for a single cigar along with other accessories. We have heard opinions that the drawer is unnecessary and takes away valuable cigar storage space.

The kiln-dried cedar interior takes about two weeks to set up the first time. With this humidor, we recommend calibrating the hygrometer every month or two. Also, we prefer the Boveda packs to the rectangular humidifier to maintain the required humidity. Actually, any humidification system other than the floral foam humidifier that comes with it.

Quality Importers includes an engravable brass nameplate so you can personalize your humidor.


  • Front-mounted hygrometer allows you to monitor humidity without breaking its balance
  • Beautiful, elegant look
  • Comfortable brass handles


  • No ventilation
  • No temperature control

Packaging and shipping

These wooden humidors come with a one-year warranty.

Free shipping and returns are available. You can return the humidor without giving any reason if it is in a new and unused condition without incurring any shipping charges. 


This humidor from Quality Importers features a high-gloss rosewood finish with fine maple burled wood inlays.

The Solana cigar humidor also has side inlet handles. These handles look very elegant, but may not be all that practical when you are carrying the 10-pound humidor filled with cigars.

On the front is a glass hygrometer with a brass frame, a lock, and a key with a tassel. There is only one key, so be careful not to lose it.

Here’s a video showcasing Solana:



Not surprisingly, one of the best small humidors is lined inside with high-quality Spanish cedar. Inside you will find a tray of Spanish cedar and a divider. In the bottom part, there are two more Spanish cedar dividers. All the dividers are adjustable and removable. This way, you can arrange the storage space according to your needs.

List of features not commonly found in desktop humidors: lighting, water reservoir, and ventilation. Although these features are not typically included in desktop models, they can enhance the overall user experience.

Setup and Seasoning

An essential part of the answer to the question of “how does a humidor work” is the importance of setup and seasoning. This process with the Solana humidor took twelve days.

After wiping down the inside of the humidor with a clean, dry cloth, we placed a sponge soaked in distilled water inside. Of course, we did not just throw the sponge in. The sponge was on a plate, so that no water came in contact with the cedar.

Solana Humidor setup and seasoning

The setup and seasoning process took place in a thermo-controlled environment, protected from sunlight. At home is hot and humid summer. Typical Tampa in July. Even though we did not put the cigars in the humidor until the twelfth day, when the RH level reached 76%. We thought that RH would reach this level for about a week due to the weather.


The Solana holds up to 100 cigars, depending on the vitola. The humidor falls into the medium desktop humidor category. It is definitely not a smallest humidor: it can hold about 60 Presidente cigars.


Solana humidors for cigars rely on SureSeal lid technology for moisture retention. We have heard controversial explanations of what this technology actually is: whether it is a standard for quality manufacturing or features of construction. But the seal itself is excellent.

The hinges also contribute to the excellent seal. There are gold-plated, hidden quadrant hinges and piano hinges.

Humidification System

There are better options than humidifier for humidor that comes with it. The floral foam is not the most effective humidifier. It releases moisture too quickly and provides only one-way humidification. If the humidity in the humidor gets too high, the humidifier will continue to emit moisture.


Included with the Solana is a glass hygrometer that is attached to the front. It is an analog hygrometer with a brass-colored ring. The hygrometer fits wonderfully with the classic style of the humidor.

But honestly, the digital hygrometers are easier to read and provide more precise control over RH levels. But would the Solana be the best desktop humidor if the hygrometer was a digital one? We do not know, it would not be as beautiful as it is now.

You can remove and calibrate the hygrometer that comes with it.


The Solana humidor does not have a thermometer. You should pay attention to where you place the humidor to keep your stogies in perfect smoking condition and prevent the development of tobacco bugs and mold.


No, there is no thermostat.

For humidors without a thermostat, it is even more important to keep them in a thermo-controlled environment away from sunlight and any heat sources.


The absence of thermal regulation and ventilation has the advantage that Solana is absolutely silent. The noise level is 0 dB.

Quality Importers Solana Humidor Review test cigars (before)

The three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars were 67% RH when we put them in the humidor.

We soaked the floral foam humidifier in distilled water for 3 minutes and placed it on a paper towel to soak up the excess water. Then, we placed it in the humidor, the stogies, and our SMARTRO device.

The humidifier provided stable humidity for two weeks. On the fifteenth day, we re-humidified the foam. So, we re-humidified the included humidor once a month after the initial humidification. Not the best news, because we are in the middle of summer with high humidity in Tampa.

Solana Desktop Humidor test month

The humidity level was stable. The insulation and seal did a good job. The analog hygrometer was initially calibrated when we set up the humidor. After a few days, it showed a degree or two more than our control SMARTRO.

Quality Importers Solana Humidor Review test cigars (after)

The La Flor Dominicana El Jocko came out at 70% RH after the month in the Solana desktop humidor. The smoking session was very pleasant. The burn line was almost straight. The stogies burned for a little less than an hour. The slow smoker among us, Milan, smoked his stick for an hour and a quarter. He said his cigar burned slower than other smoking sessions for our reviews. The smoke output was adequate and the smoke was creamy-rich.

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Are Quality Importers humidors good?

Yes, they are. Quality Importers has been in the humidor business for over twenty years. They offer good humidors at affordable prices.

What is the best material for a humidor?

The best material for contact with your cigar collection is Spanish cedar. It has pest-repellent properties, a great aroma, and will not negatively affect the quality of your cigars.

How do I maintain my desktop humidor?

As with any other humidor, you should season it regularly and calibrate the hygrometer’s measuring devices. Maintain the humidifier. You should also rotate your cigars and change their places.

Is the humidor solution better than distilled water?

The humidor solution is a mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water. The propylene glycol stops releasing moisture when RH reaches 70%. So the solution is a little better than distilled water.

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