Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor Review [No Bias]



Large Acrylic Humidor Powered by Boveda

Type: Acrylic humidor;

Capacity: Up to 75 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: See-through design. Removable Spanish cedar interior with adjustable dividers.

Manufacturer: Boveda;

Country of Origin: China;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 14.5/9/4.4;

Inner dimensions, W/D/H: 13.3/7.8/3;

Interior and Materials: Acrylic glass, Spanish cedar;

Lock: No;

Drawers: No;

Trays: One cedar tray;

Lighting: No.

Humidification: Yes, Boveda packs;

Hygrometer: No;

Water tank capacity: No water tank included; 

Thermometer: No;

Temperature control: No;

Ventilation: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

Key Features

It may be obvious, but the see-through design is the most crucial feature of the Boveda humidor. This is a great advantage for lovers of extravagant esthetics and for those of you who want to enjoy the sight of your cigars all the time. The downside of this design is that you need to be extremely careful where you store your humidor. Direct sunlight and heat can be detrimental to the sticks inside.

Another advantage of acrylic humidors is that they are easier to season and maintain. There is less wood to soak up moisture, so the seasoning process is shorter.

The included cedar tray with two adjustable dividers is what will accommodate your sticks. We are glad Boveda stuck with Spanish cedar and did not switch to pure acrylic humidors. The cedar adds to the flavor of the cigars as they age. But the wood needs to be seasoned regularly.

The rubber feet prevent the humidor from slipping on any surface you place it on.


  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • See-through design.
  • Maintains the humidity inside.


  • No locks.
  • You need to be careful not to put it under direct sunlight.
  • You will need an additional hygrometer and thermometer.

Packaging and Shipping

The humidor is delivered in sufficient packaging so that your humidor is unlikely to be damaged or scratched.

Currently, the Boveda humidor is manufactured by Westwood Humidors. They determine the shipping and return costs and policies. They provide a one-year warranty on this humidor.


The Large Acrylic Humidor measures 14.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 4.4 inches high.

The design of the humidor has no lock and no key.

There is no big secret here. The case and lid of the humidor are made of acrylic glass.


You can literary look at the inside from the outside. You can stack your cigar collection in the deep Spanish cedar tray, and you can create some order with the adjustable cedar dividers. The Boveda humidifying packs are designed to stay on the floor under the tray.

Setup and Seasoning

Whatever other experts say, we strongly recommend that you season this humidor before using it. This way, you can be sure that the cedar tray will not deprive your cigars of moisture. How to set up a humidor made of acrylic glass? We seasoned our 2021 Boveda Humidor with a glass of distilled water for seven days. You can use the Boveda 84% Seasoning Kit.

For consistency, we seasoned the humidor with distilled water and seasoned it as usual to 76% RH. In this case, we took our cigars out of the humidor and left it open for three days. At the end of the summer here in Florida, the RH of the ‘cedar parts of the humidor had dropped to 55%.

set up of the Boveda Humidor


You can put 75 Corona cigars in the Large Acrylic Humidor Powered by Boveda. Some customer reviews complain that the cigar vitola is not mentioned when it comes to capacity. Therefore, Northwoods Humidors has tried how many Corona cigars would fit in the humidor.


The seal is very good. The magnetic closing system helps to keep the moisture better. The best acrylic humidors provide a wonderful seal thanks to the close contact between the body and the lid of the humidor. You can feel this when you drop the lid from an inch above the box and hear the swoosh. We recommend that you test your new humidor with the dollar test. This will allow you to test the contact between the body and the seal.

Humidification System

The Large Acrylic Humidor comes with three 69% Boveda packs. They should be sufficient for six months up to a year to maintain proper humidity. Place the Boveda pack under the cedar compartment and that’s it. You can put your cigar collection in the humidor.

Boveda packs are perfectly safe to use with your cigars. They may be in contact with them. Boveda uses only natural materials to maintain humidity. They use salt and water.


There is no hygrometer included. Perhaps the logic behind this is that the humidor has a wonderful seal and the Boveda packs provide stable humidity level.

During the time we have used this humidor, we have placed an additional digital hygrometer in the humidor. And yes, the Boveda packs work wonderfully. The RH level is a rock.


No, there is no thermometer. You cannot monitor the temperature inside the humidor without an additional device.


No, there is no thermostat. The biggest downside to the see-through design is that you should be careful where you place your humidor. When exposed to direct sunlight, the acrylic glass box acts like an oven and basically bakes your cigars. Better keep the Large Acrylic Humidor Powered by Boveda away from sunlight and heat sources.


Boveda Acrylic Humidor test with cigars (before)

At the beginning of the experiment, the three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko had a relative humidity of 67%. 

The Boveda-powered humidor comes with three 69% packs. Our testing checked the humidor’s capability of retaining a 69% RH.

Boveda Acrylic Humidor test for the month

The humidor showed very good results. In this test, we were monitoring only SMARTRO readings. The see-through design allows us to monitor the control device without opening the humidor. This would be an unrealistic test. No one uses a humidor without opening it at all. That’s why we opened it at least once a day for a minute or so. 

Boveda Acrylic Humidor test with cigars (after)

After a month in the Large Acrylic Humidor, the three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars came out at exactly 69% RH. The sticks burned beautifully with rich, creamy smoke. The flavor of the sticks was just right. We knew that the humidor does its job perfectly.

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Do you need to season a Large Acrylic Humidor Powered by Boveda?

Yes, you have to do it. Humidor seasoning is necessary for any humidor with wooden parts.

Will cigars age in an acrylic humidor?

An acrylic-only humidor will not help your sticks age over time. Cigars age best when in contact with Spanish cedar.

Are Boveda packs good for humidors?

Yes, they are. Boveda packs maintain a certain level of relative humidity. The process is a two-way humidity control. When the RH is above the value indicated on the pack, Boveda extracts the excess from the environment.

Do acrylic humidors work?

Yes, they work. The acrylic glass provides an airtight seal and does not absorb moisture.

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