Woodronic Humidor Review: Axinite A5045



Woodronic Humidor Axinite A5045

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 150 cigars, depending on the vitola.

Key Features: Digital thermo-hygrometer. Double humidifiers. Tight magnetic door. Brass quadrant hinge that absorbs shocks. Three large drawers.

Manufacturer: Woodronic;

Country of Origin: The U.S.A.;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 10.25/10.25/13.75;

Interior and Materials: Ebony veneer, Spanish cedar lining, acrylic glass, brass hardware;

Lock: No;

Drawers: Yes, three cedar drawers;

Trays: No;

Ventilation: No;

Lighting: No;

Humidification: Yes, two crystal gel humidifiers;

Hygrometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer;

Thermometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer.

Water tank capacity: No water tank included;

Temperature control: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power source required.

Key Features

It is considered a cabinet humidor, but because of its size, it can also be placed on a desk or dresser. Axinite may be a large desktop humidor, but it is a beautiful example of craftsmanship that decorates the entire room.

The ebony finish is as smooth as it gets; it is like a mirror. And the construction underneath is made of wood. The wood that Woodronic uses to manufacture its products complies with the FSC certificate.

The brass hardware completes the elegance of the humidor. You can easily see the brass-color drawer handles. On the other hand, the adjustable legs are a little harder to spot at first glance. However, the legs will help you align the Axinite perfectly on the surface. The shock-absorbing hinges help keep the moisture in.

woodronic humidor adjustable legs

The interior is organized in three large drawers with acrylic see-through faces. You can pull out the drawers completely and rearrange them as you like. You can put the drawer with the digital thermo- hygrometer on the lowest level or the top level. For us, the drawer with the meter in the middle is fine because the humidor sits on the tabletop and we can check the levels inside both sitting and standing.

The digital thermo-hygrometer is very easy to read because it is digital and located on the front of one of the drawers. One minor inconvenience is that it does not have a light. But if you turn on the light in your room, you can easily read the levels inside this humidor for cigars.


  • Acrylic glass door allows you to monitor humidity and temperature without opening the door and disturbing the humidity balance
  • Magnetic door provides a tight seal.
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Cedar interior is perfect for aging your cigars
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Adjustable legs
  • This is a well-made humidor with attention to every detail


  • No ventilation
  • No lights
  • No lock

Packaging and shipping

Woodronic Axinite packaging

The Woodronic ship this humidor with digital hygrometer in a secure package. Styrofoam panels surround it in a cardboard box. There are plastic corners to protect the wooden corners from deformation. And there is another thick styrofoam panel between the door and the drawers inside. Simply beautiful! No wonder the humidor was intact when it came to us.

Woodronic humidor packaging

You will receive a one-year warranty and instructions on how to use the humidor. You will find a small cloth to clean the acrylic panes and perhaps to remove dust from the veneer.


This is one of the largest Woodronic humidors. It is 13.75 inches tall, 10.25 inches wide and 10.25 inches deep.

The exterior is made of natural wood veneer with an ebony finish. This handcrafted gem is full of elegance and sophistication. The glossy finish and brass hardware are beautiful. The acrylic panes allow you to enjoy the view of your cigar collection and monitor the climate inside.

Axinite A5045 has no lock and no key.


The entire interior of the Axinite A5045 is made of cedar. The walls, the drawers, the door, everything is lined with Spanish cedar. When you open the door, you will feel the pleasant aroma. This feature makes the Woodronic humidor the ideal place to age your stogies.

This humidor offers a larger storage capacity, organized in three 8.25×7.25×3.5 drawers. The drawers have openings in the bottom so that the moisture can flow through.

For a second perspective, here’s another person sharing insights on Axinite A5045:


Setup and Seasoning

The initial setup and seasoning took two weeks. Given the amount of wood in this humidor, we expected an even longer process. And remember, we do not wipe tested humidors with a sponge soaked in distilled water. We put two coffee cups filled with distilled water in the humidor: one in the bottom drawer and one in the top drawer. And how does a humidor work? The humidor’s seal did its job and after two weeks it was ready to store our stogies.

If we had known that the readings from the built-in thermo-hygrometer and our calibrated SMARTRO would match, we would have simply monitored one of them, written it down, and copied the result for the other. The results were the same. The RH curve shows a rapid increase in moisture content at the beginning of the process, followed by a steady increase until the RH reaches 76% on the 14th day. After we put the test cigars in, the expected decrease to 70% occurs. The level of RH decreases by opening the humidor to replace the cups of distilled water with crystal gel humidifiers, and also by placing the cigars in the humidor.

Woodronic Humidor Axinit A5045 humidity setup

The temperature curves were also the same. The temperature inside reached 70 degrees within a week. In the next few days there were slight fluctuations around this value. The temperature quickly exceeded the range where tobacco bugs can develop. The temperature level is consistent because we kept the Axinite in a climate-controlled environment without direct sunlight.

Woodronic Humidor Axinit A5045 temperature setup


You can store about 150 cigars, depending on the vitola. And this is not a large cigar humidor. This is why we have included Woodronic’s Axinite A5045 in our list of the best humidors for 2023 in the “Optimal Size-Storage Ratio” category.


The magnetic door and shock absorbing brass hinges provide a wonderful seal for your cigar collection. The tight seal is also due to the cedar coamings along the door frame. After seasoning, they expand and fit tightly to the body of the Axinite. The humidor seal ensures that the freshness and aroma of your cigar collection is safe.

Woodronic humidor hinges

Humidification System

There are two gel humidifiers included in the Axinite package. You can place them at different levels to achieve even humidity everywhere in the humidor.

The gel humidifiers are non-toxic and have long-lasting humidification options. However, Axinite’s humidifying system can be replaced with a system of your choice.


The Woodronic Humidor Axinite has a digital thermo-hygrometer. You can easily read the RH. The numbers are large enough. And the device works wonderfully accurate. Not a single deviating value with the control hygrometer.

Woodronic humidor thermo-hygrometer


Axinite A5045 has a digital thermo-hygrometer. The numbers for temperature are a bit too small to read as easily as the numbers for RH. But the temperature sensor is just as accurate as the hygrometer.


You cannot regulate the temperature inside this Woodronic humidor, so you have to make sure it’s not in direct sunlight. We placed the humidor on a table in a climate-controlled environment without direct sunlight.


The Woodronic Axinite A5045 is absolutely silent. This is the advantage of humidors without fans and thermostats.

Woodronic Axinite A5045 Humidor cigars test (before)

This time, the initial humidity content of the La Flor Dominicana El Jocko test cigars was 65% RH when we put them in the humidor. This is due to the hot late spring in Florida and the fact that we left the cigars outside a humidor for about an hour. Fortunately, this mistake did not spoil our experiment or our cigars.

To prepare the crystal gel humidifier for the month of testing, we soaked it in distilled water for 10 hours, just as we did when testing the Woodronic Enstatit A5043. And again, we would like to point out that you should not soak a crystal gel cigar humidifier with tap water. After soaking the humidifier, we placed it on a paper towel to remove the excess water. Then we shook it a bit to make sure no water dripped into the humidor. During the month of testing, it was not necessary to rehydrate the crystal gel humidifiers.

Woodronic Axinit A5045 humidity test month

During the test month, the humidity level was consistent and there weren’t any differences between the readings of the built-in hygrometer and the control SMARTRO hygrometer. The built-in hygrometer works flawlessly!

One of the Woodronic humidifiers was placed in the bottom drawer and the other in the top drawer. The built-in thermo-hygrometer was located on the face of the middle drawer. The SMARTRO device was also placed on the face of the middle drawer. This allowed us to compare their readings at a glance without opening the humidor.

Woodronic Axinit A5045 temperature test month

The temperature graph is very similar to that of humidity. There were minor changes in temperature and humidity during the month. In general, both humidity and temperature levels were constant inside Woodronic Axinite. It would be interesting to make a comparison with a place where the weather varies drastically between two seasons and see how this humidor performs.

Woodronic Axinite A5045 Humidor cigars test (after)

La Flor Dominicana El Jocko came out at 70% RH after a month in the Axinite. Excellent performance of this humidor with humidifier. The sticks were in perfect condition to smoke. Nothing was noticeable from our small mistake at the beginning of this experiment. The smoking session lasted about an hour. The smoke that came out of the sticks was rich and creamy. The aroma of the sticks was incredible. This is indeed a humidor for long-term storage. The cigars will age beautifully in it.

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What is a humidor cabinet?

This is a humidor designed with a few trays or drawers. They are larger than desktop humidors.

What to know before buying a humidor?

The most important factors to consider before buying a humidor are the size of the humidor, the quality of the materials and design, and also your budget.

How long will a cigar last in a humidor?

A high-quality cigar can last up to many years in a humidor.

What to do when you first get Woodronic humidor?

After you purchase a humidor, you should calibrate its measuring devices, season the humidor and place your cigars in it. Regular maintenance will ensure an appropriate environment for storing cigars.

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