Woodronic Enstatit A5043 Humidor Review



Woodronic Enstatit A5043

Type: Desktop humidor;

Capacity: 25-50 cigars., depending on the vitola.

Key Features: Acrylic window. Storage drawer. An ebony finish. One cedar divider. Scratch-resistant bottom.

Manufacturer: Woodronic;

Country of Origin: The U.S.A.;

Dimensions, W/D/H: 10.75/9.25/5.75;

Inner dimensions, W/D/H: 9.62/8.12/2.6;

Interior and Materials: Wooden construction with ebony finish and cedar interior. Acrylic glass display window on the lid. Spanish cedar liner and divider. Scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom;

Lock: No;

Drawers: Yes, a storage drawer for cigar accessories;

Trays: No;

midification: Yes;

Hygrometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer;

Thermometer: Yes, a digital thermo-hygrometer.

Water tank capacity: No water tank included;

Temperature control: No;

Lighting: No;

Ventilation: No;

Noise level: 0 dB;

Power supply: No power supply needed.

Key Features

The front-mounted electronic thermo-hygrometer shows the humidity and temperature inside. The lid closes well and tightly to keep the humidity where it should be. Even if the digital hygrometer is off by a few percent, it’s easy to calibrate.

The lid gives you a good view of your sticks collection. This is an advantage when you want to look at the beauty of your cigars or offer one to a friend without opening the lid. But when it comes to humidor placement, it can also be a disadvantage. You need to make sure that no direct sunlight falls on your stogies; this can spoil them.

The cigar accessories drawer with a handle is suitable for placing on the table in your cigar lounge. This way, you can keep all your accessories organized and in one place. You will not be able to fit a large cigar ashtray though, maybe a single ashtray as well as a cutter and lighter.

The scratch-resistant bottom is a wonderful feature. A great little humidor for your everyday smokes.


  • Wide glass window.
  • Luxurious ebony finish.
  • Drawer for smoking accessories.
  • Convenient and stylish drawer handle.


  • No lock.
  • No ventilation.

Packaging and shipping

Shipping is free for the U.S. and Canadian markets. As far as we can tell, Woodronic offers fantastic customer support. You can email them with any question or issue you have with your Woodronic humidor.


The Enstatit is 10.75 wide, 9.25 deep, and 5.75 high.

There is no lock and no key. Perhaps Woodronic feels that desktop humidors are safely under your eyes and therefore do not need to be protected.

The humidor is a wooden construction with an ebony finish and a large acrylic window on the lid.


The inner width is 9.62, the inner depth is 8.12, and the inner height is 2.6.

With such a large top window, you do not need lighting.

The humidification source for the Woodronic Enstatit A5043 can be a crystal gel humidifier or Boveda packs. The desktop humidor is too small to accommodate a water reservoir.

Setup and Seasoning

There are several ways to season this glass top humidor. You can place a reservoir or a cup of distilled water in the humidor to raise the internal RH level. Or you can use one or two 84% Boveda packs to prepare your humidor for storing your cigars. We know that Boveda regulates humidity well, both up and down. For our experiment, we chose to use the crystal gel humidifier. This way we can see how the humidifier works.

Before setup, we calibrated the digital thermo-hygrometer.

For the initial setup, we placed a small cup of distilled water in the humidor. No rubbing or wiping the interior with a cloth soaked in distilled water. We prefer to be patient rather than wrap the cedar in it.

Fortunately, four days was enough to reach 76% RH, we put the cigars inside for the test and replaced the cup with the Woodronic humidifier. No unusual humidity fluctuations occurred during this process. After we put the cigars in, the humidity dropped a few percent.

Woodronic Enstatit humidification setup

As you can see from the graph below, the Woodronic thermometer works quite accurately. On the second and third day, it showed slightly lower temperatures. This may be due to the different placement of our control thermo-hygrometer and their gauge. However, a difference of one degree is not a big deal.

Woodronic Enstatit temperature setup

To prepare the crystal gel humidifier for the test month, we soaked it in distilled water for 10 hours. Do not soak crystal gel cigar humidifier with tap water. After soaking the humidifier, we put it on a paper towel to soak up the excess water. Then we shook it a little to make sure no water dripped into the humidor. During the test month, it was not necessary to rehydrate the crystal humidifier.


You can fit up to fifty cigars, depending on their vitola. Whenever we talk about the capacity of a humidor, we add that this estimate depends on the size of the cigars. This may seem obvious, but we strive to write honest reviews. And we do not try all sizes and configurations to see how many cigars will fit in.


The cedar coamings provide an excellent seal. The brass hinges also help keep the lid pressed against the box.

If you drop the door a few inches, you will hear a swoosh from the escaping air softens the contact between the lid and the box. When the humidor is seasoned, the noise effect is even stronger.

Humidification System

We like that the humidor comes with two humidification options: two Boveda 72% humidity control packs or a crystal gel humidifier.

The crystal gel humidifier comes with the Woodronic logo. This will give you a constant RH level for about two months. We advise you to buy a second crystal gel humidifier. That way, when it’s time to rehydrate the humidifier, you’ll have the second one ready. And you will not leave your cigars without humidification.


The hygrometer comes pre-calibrated. However, you can easily calibrate it by pressing and holding the C button on the back for 3 seconds to enter the calibration mode. Press up (+) or down (-) to set the correct humidity, then press the C button to confirm. If you have a problem with the hygrometer readings, you can try removing the hygrometer battery and reinserting it.


Yes, there is a digital thermometer. You can use it to check what the ambient temperature is in the room. You cannot directly control the temperature inside the humidor. Do not place it near heat sources or under direct sunlight, because then it would be difficult to control both the temperature and humidity.


There is no thermostat, as we mentioned earlier. So, you need to keep your humidor in a place with a temperature of about 70 degrees. That being said, we strongly recommend that you do not store your sticks in an environment with temperatures above 72 degrees. Above this temperature, the risk of tobacco beetles developing increases. And believe us, you do not want them on your cigars.


The Woodronic Enstatit A5043 humidor does not make a sound. You can even put it in your bedroom and it will not disturb you all day and all night.

Woodronic Enstatit Humidor cigars test (before)

The three La Flor Dominicana El Jocko cigars were 68% RH when we put them in the humidor. This is a perfect RH for the sticks to be smoked, very close to the golden 70%. To ensure consistency, we aim for 70% RH at the end of the test month.

Woodronic Enstatit A5043 test month humidity

Humidity readings are somewhat variable during the test month, but nothing drastic. The largest variation between the highest and lowest RH levels is 3 degrees. All results are within the range defined as perfect for cigar storage.

With the glass stop desktop humidors, reading the SMARTRO is easy. We were able to read and compare the results without opening the humidor and disturbing the internal climate.

Woodronic Enstatit test month temperature

The temperature curve fluctuates around “the perfect” 70 degrees. Considering that we cannot directly control the temperature, this result is fascinating. It is a sign of a high quality seal. We placed the Woodronic Enstatit A5043 on a dresser away from sunlight. The house thermostat was set at 70 degrees.

Woodronic Enstatit Humidor cigars test (after)

La Flor Dominicana El Jocko came out at 70% RH after the month in Woodronic Enstatit A5043. The cigars were in perfect smoking condition. They burned evenly for about an hour, as usual. The smoke was rich and flavorful.

Comparison and Alternatives

The Woodronic Enstatit A5043 is a high-quality humidor, but if it does not meet your needs, here are some alternatives.

The NewAir 250 Count humidor offers more space for cigars and precise thermo regulation. You can store up to 250 cigars and adjust the internal climate from 52 to 74 degrees. The NewAir provides good ventilation that evenly distributes temperature and humidity throughout the interior. The refrigerator-like door seal ensures that moisture does not leak out. And you can lock the humidor so your stogies are safe.

If you want to store even more cigars, you can opt for the Redford Lite. This is a cabinet humidor that can hold up to 1250 cigars. This storage capacity comes with a larger size humidor. The Reford Lite is 26 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 52.75 high. This alternative features excellent lighting, a temperature range of 41 to 71 degrees, and ventilation. You can also lock his humidor. Of course, the Redford Lite has a higher price tag than the Woodronic Enstatit.

And if your cigar collection is not as extensive as Enstatit’s storage capacity, the Deauville Leaf Inlay humidor may be right for you. You can fit up to 125 cigars in it. The Deauville is perfect for those of you who do not like humidors with glass tops. It offers a tight seal and light insulation. There is a lock and key. Your sticks will age in peace in it.

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What is Woodronic Enstatit A5043?

Woodronic Enstatit A5043 is a desktop cigar humidor where you can store cigars.

What is the capacity of the Woodronic Enstatit A5043 humidor?

You can store 25 up to 50 cigars in the Woodronic Enstatit A5043.

What is a good humidor brand?

Brands from all the major manufacturers are good. Some of the most popular humidor brands include Adorini, Zino Davidoff, and Elie Bleu.

Are wooden humidors good?

If they are made of Spanish cedar, yes. This wood is best for storing cigars for a long time.


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