Can You Smoke a Dry Cigar

Technically, you can smoke a dried-out cigar. But in this case, you will look like an inexperienced aficionado, and the others will look at you as if you were a beginner. In short, you should not smoke dried-out cigars. Instead, you can try rehydrating them in a humidor. But if the wrapper has started to disintegrate, the proper moisture content of the cigar cannot be restored.

The flavor and aroma of quality cigars come from the interplay of sugars, essential oils, and the wrapper tobacco. They should burn slowly and at low temperatures to allow the sugars and oils to blend into the rich flavor bouquet.

Try not to let your cigars dry out. If you intend to invest in quality cigars, you should buy a high-quality humidor with a calibrated hygrometer, especially if you do not smoke that often.

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What Happens if you Smoke a Dried Cigar?

Dry cigars burn unevenly, and the natural oils evaporate. Dried-out cigars do not taste good. They are bitter, burn hot, and the smoke is acrid and unpleasant. So smoking a dry cigar is far from the experience of relaxation and enjoyment desired by an aficionado. That’s why it’s important to know how to find out if a cigar is dry.

Instead of smoking a dry cigar, try rehydrating it. Some of the cigar’s essential oils would be lost, but the cigar will not taste bad. Even if it does not have the same flavor the cigar maker intended, it is far better than throwing it away.

Can a Dried-Out Cigar Be Rehydrated?

You can always rehydrate a dry cigar by placing it in a humidor for a few days or weeks as needed. But if the wrapper of the cigar is already tattered and disintegrating, you will not be able to restore the original condition, flavor, and aroma of the cigar. Cigars that have not been stored in a humidor for a few weeks or months usually cannot be rehumidified. The packaging of the cigar (cellophane and box) does not keep it fresh

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