How to Put Out a Cigar for Later Properly: 3 Ways

You can extinguish your cigar if you stop puffing and put it on your cigar ashtray, then it will stop burning by itself. Note that you should not leave the cigar unattended until it has completely gone out. We always recommend choosing the cigar vitola based on the time you have to smoke. However, there are situations when you need to interrupt your smoking session and do not want to waste the remaining stogie. Do not worry about it! We are here for you. Here are the solutions to such problems.

How to Properly Put Out a Cigar?

The proper way to put out a cigar is to let it go out by itself. You can let it rest in an ashtray. The cigar will stop burning after a few minutes when you stop puffing. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are not meant to be smeared on the ashtray to stop burning. Smearing will destroy the wrapper and release an unpleasant smell.

Please do not throw your cigar away after smoking it. This can easily cause a fire. 

You should remove the band after a few minutes of smoking. If you do not, it will burn together with the cigar. And this is not a pleasant addition to the smoking experience. The paper ignites faster than the tobacco and can burn both your fingers and the wrapper. This can spoil the cigar’s taste if burned fingers are not bad enough.

Alternative Ways to Put Out a Cigar

It is best to put out your cigar after you have enjoyed it to the end. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to interrupt the smoking session and do something else.

Cigar Snuffer

The cigar sniffer is a cylindrical tube with an internal circumferential rib that compresses the unburned material of the cigar to form an air seal both around the periphery of the cigar and within the material thereof. In this way, you can put out a cigar that you want to smoke later. Place the cigar in the opening of the snuffer with the foot facing down and press gently.

During the Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 in Las Vegas, David Avedissian presented “Cigar Stash.” This is a combination of a cigar snuffer and holder that can be used wherever there is no ashtray for your cigar. Once the cigar is snuffed out, Cigar Stash allows you to take your unlit cigar anywhere without giving off any aroma.

Another variant of snuffer is the combination of cigar tube and snuffer. This product will help you put out your cigar and keep it fresh for some time.

Glass of Water

You should only use this method if you are in a hurry. Dip the burning cigar in a glass of water and you will have a completely extinguished cigar.

When to Put Out a Cigar?

You should smoke as long as you enjoy it. Some say you should smoke to the band or inch of length. The best answer to this question is to stop smoking when you feel you should and when it is less enjoyable.

man puts out a cigar in an sthray

How to Save the Cigar for Later?

Please do not put it back in your humidor! This is one of the most important tips. It will spoil both your humidor and your other cigars. The other important tip is that you should only store the cigars that you know will taste good after a re-light.

Cut and Clean It

Cut the cigar a quarter inch behind the burn line to prevent the tar and oils from penetrating the unburned tobacco. To preserve the properties of the cigar, you need fresh tobacco. We hope you know how to cut a cigar. The best tool is a cigar guillotine cutter without a backstop.

Blow once or twice through the cigar so that no smoke remains between the tobacco leaves.

Store the Half-Smoked Cigar

We repeat it: do not store half-smoked cigars in your humidor. You can store it in a cigar tube or zip-lock bag. The humidity level must be around 70% where you store the stick. And Boveda packs are incredibly convenient for use with zip-lock bags and travel humidors. This is how you store a cigar that you have not smoked to the end.

Smoke It Within the Next Couple of Days

After all the previous steps, you should smoke your half-smoked puros within a couple of days after you put it out. The reason for this is simple: when you light a cigar and smoke it for some time, the smoke that passes through the longfiller tobacco chars it. This changes the integrity of the blend, and the more time that passes, the more the characteristics change. And the answer to the question of how fast cigars dry out can give you a sign of how long is best to wait before relighting the stogy.

What’s Next?

Now you know about the art of saving a flavorful cigar to continue smoking later. Click here to find the best cigars that you can relight after some time, but do not want to stop smoking. In the end, you should enjoy a cigar and know how to do it.

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