How Long Does it Take a Cigar to Dry

If you keep your cigars at about 70% relative humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not dry out. However, if you store a cigar outside the humidor in a hot, sunny, or windy environment, it may dry out within an hour, a few hours, or a day. How fast do cigars dry out depends on the conditions in which they are stored. You should be very vigilant if you live in dry or winter environments.

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Here we must note the difference between dry cigars, or short fillers, and premium cigars, or long fillers. Short fillers are made by machine from shredded tobacco leaves and do not need to be stored in a humidor. Long fillers are hand-made from whole fresh leaves, which are rolled while still moist. Long fillers must be stored in a good humidor to maintain their moisture content.

Remember that the packaging of the cigars (cellophane and box) does not keep the cigars fresh. If you bought cigars online and they have been shipped for a few weeks, they have probably lost some of their moisture content. It is essential to know how to tell if cigars are dry.

After manufacturing, cigars contain 12-15% moisture. This moisture content ensures a slow and even burn at low temperatures. It also allows sugars and essential oils from the tobacco to blend into the cigar smoke. In this way, you can enjoy the rich flavor, subtle notes, and luscious aroma that the cigar maker intended.

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