What is a Premium Cigar

Premium cigars are made entirely by hand and the manufacturing process and materials are natural. The flavor and color of Premium cigars result solely from curing and fermentation, and no other chemicals are used. Non-premium cigars, on the other hand, are rolled by machine, and their flavor profile and color may result from chemical altering.

handmade vs machine made cigars

Features of a Cigar that is Premium

The question “What is a premium cigar?” is best answered by the following six characteristics:

  • It is handmade;
  • The cigar is made of at least 50 percent natural long-leaf filler tobacco;
  • It is wrapped with whole tobacco leaves;
  • The premium cigar weighs at least 6 pounds per 1,000 units;
  • The cigars have no filters or tips;
  • Premium cigars have no artificial flavors other than tobacco.

What is the Difference Between a Premium and a Non-Premium Cigar?

Certified master tobacconists say that the best premium cigars share a few common characteristics:

  • Premium cigars use only long filler tobacco and are made entirely by hand. Long filler tobacco means that the entire tobacco leaves are used in the composition of the cigar. Non-premium cigars, on the other hand, are made by machine and contain crushed tobacco leaves.
  • Another feature is that premium cigars consist of three components: Wrapper, binder, and filler. In contrast, this is not necessary for non-premium cigars.
  • Premium cigars come in different shapes, colors, and flavor profiles.
premium vs non-premium cigars

How much does it Cost?

Premium cigars cost from $2 a stick upward. Such a cigar does not necessarily cost a fortune like luxury cigars, but there are exquisite cigars that can cost a lot, like investment items.

How are Premium Cigars Made?

Some claim that more than two hundred hands have touched the cigar before it reaches you. Many artisans have contributed with their skills to the product you enjoy smoking.

  • Firstly, tobacco seeds are cultivated in greenhouses. After a few weeks, farmers transplant only the best-developed plants outside in the fields.
  • When tobacco plants mature, they are harvested by hand and sent to curing barns.
  • After curing, tobacco leaves are left to ferment. Fermentation is followed by aging and categorization processes.
  • The next step is for the cigars to be blended and rolled by hand.
  • Rolled cigars are left to age and then branded and packed.


Do premium cigars have nicotine?

Premium cigars, as all cigars and cigarettes, contain nicotine.

Are these cigars good for beginners?

Premium cigars are perfect for novice smokers. They have uniform characteristics, so it is easier for an inexperienced aficionado to keep track and develop his palate properly. You can learn more about this in our beginners’ guide to cigars.

How to store a premium cigar?

You should store your premium cigars in a controlled environment with about 70% relative humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to do this is to use a premium cigar humidor with a calibrated hygrometer.

Are premium cigars bad for you?

Cigar smokers are not daily consumers and do not inhale the smoke; the health effects are relatively modest. So says a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

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