How to Ash a Cigar: The Correct Way

The correct way to ash a cigar is to gently roll it in the ashtray. As a result, a cone shape will form at the tip of the cigar. This cone shape allows you to keep more than an inch of ash on your cigar.

You should properly choose the timing and method to ash a cigar. Cigars are rolled with long filler tobacco and can hold the resulting ash longer and more firmly than a cigarette. It would be best if you do not tap or flicker your cigar as a cigarette. 

Place the cigar on the side of the ashtray and gently tap it. If you do it correctly and at the right time, the cigar’s ash should fall off by itself due to its weight. 

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ashing a cigar

When to Ash a Cigar?

The right time to ash your cigar is when the ashbone is about an inch long or a crack is forming. Smoking a cigar is a ritual and you should not rush it. If you forcibly ash the cigar, you may snap off the ember of the cigar; then you will have to light it again. So, to enjoy a cigar properly, you need to be patient. But if you are too patient, the ash might fall on you or the ground and make a mess.

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