How to Hold a Cigar

This may seem like a minor issue, but cigars are not to be trifled with. They burn and if you leave them unattended, they can start a fire. Holding a cigar properly is also a matter of etiquette and attitude. This article is useful for both novice and experienced smokers who want to learn something new or refresh their knowledge.

How to Hold a Cigar in Your Hand?

There is no right or wrong way to hold a cigar in your hand. There is an unsafe way to hold a cigar. We have described here a few methods that are considered safe and respectful of the cigar by connoisseurs around the globe. Even today, cigar lounges are places where etiquette is a norm. Educate yourself so you can become the cigar holder every aficionado respects.

how to not hold a cigar

Between Index Finger & Thumb

Wrap your index finger around the cigar and use your thumb for support. They say you are a true connoisseur when you hold your cigar like this. Also, you seem to be a social person. This hold is handy when you smoke large ring gauge cigars because you can adjust your grip so that the cigar is better secured in your hand.

between index finger and thumb

The Pinch

Place the cigar between your index finger and thumb while squeezing the stick. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, as you may damage the cigar. Use as much force as necessary to keep the cigar from falling out of your hand. When you use “The Pinch” to hold your cigar, you come across as a fair, wise, and prudent person.

the pinch cigar way of holding

The Triple Support

Place your index and middle fingers on the band of the cigar while you support the cigar from below with your thumb. This method is quite a simple and common way of holding a cigar among aficionados.

the triple support cigar way of holding

The Respect

Use all your fingers to support the weight of the stick. The thumb supports the cigar from below and the rest of the fingers hold it from above. This method is considered the most respectful, as if you were paying respect to the industrious craft of cigar making.

the respect cigar way of holding

How to Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth?

This significantly affects the smoking process. Improper practices of holding the cigar in your mouth can damage the structure of the cigar or spoil the smoking experience.

Hold the Cigar in Your Hand

Hold the cigar with a firm grip so that its weight is evenly distributed. In this way, the ash cannot fall and the construction of the cigar remains intact.

Gently Press your Lips Around the Cigar

Press your lips around the cigar to distribute its weight and support it. Again, the idea is not to damage the construction of the cigar or the wrapper.

Keep Only the Head of the Cigar in Your Mouth

This much you should keep in your mouth to draw from. If you stick too much of the cigar in your mouth, you could choke on it. And if you put too little in your mouth, the cigar can fall and burn you or even start a fire.

Hold the Cigar Gently

Do not chew or bite your cigar. This will cause an uneven draw and damaged construction of the cigar. The wrapper may flake off and make a mess around you and in your mouth. Needless to say, this will ruin your experience.

Keep the Cigar in Your Hand or the Ashtray When Speaking

This is good practice, both for safety and etiquette reasons. It might be difficult to articulate with a mouth filled with a large ring gauge cigar. In any case, you do not want your cigar to fall down burning. Better leave it resting in the ashtray when talking to your fellow aficionados.

Keep the End Dry

This will provide the proper burning of your cigar, adequate draw, and the taste will not be spoiled. Some saliva builds up on the cigar’s head during smoking. Do not worry. This is normal. Soaking the cigar wet can even put out the cigar.

The Prime Minister

Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, is famous for his love of cigars. He was usually seen with a stogie in his mouth. He must have perfected a method of keeping a cigar in his mouth without wetting it or affecting its construction. His knowledge of cigars could make a fairly comprehensive cigar guide.

Winston Churchill smoking a cigar

How to Hold a Cigar Like a Lady?

Cigar smoking is usually seen as part of man’s world. But there are many female aficionados. Some of those ladies are leading aficionados and can show anyone how to enjoy a cigar.

Hold It as a Cigar Should Be Held

We have described enough methods of holding a cigar above so that you can choose one that suits your personality. They are not labeled as masculine, so be brave and try them all if you like. Whichever method you choose, be careful not to drop the cigar because it could burn you.

Familiarize Yourself with the Cigar Etiquette

To feel confident and truly enjoy the cigar, a lady should know how to prepare her cigar for smoking, light it and smoke it. Being familiar with cigar etiquette shows respect for the cigar and other aficionados.

Find Your Way of Doing the Smoking Ritual

Do not be afraid to try different methods of holding a cigar so you can figure out which one you like best. As long as you respect cigars’ craftsmanship, you are acting as a lady.


What does the way you hold a cigar say about you?

How you hold a cigar while smoking is a sign to others, whether you are a novice or an experienced smoker. If you hold a stick loosely, you seem like a novice.

Do you hold a cigar with your teeth?

If you hold the cigar with your teeth, the construction of the cigar may be affected. If you hold the stick with your hand, the weight of it is more evenly distributed among your fingers.

Should you remove the cigar band?

It would be best if you didn’t do that. The cigar band supports the construction of the cigar. If you try to remove it before lighting the cigar, there is a risk of damaging or unrolling the wrapper.

How to hold a Cuban cigar?

All the above rules apply to holding a Cuban cigar. If you follow these rules, you can give Cuban cigars the respect they deserve.

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