How Long Do Cigars Last: Complete Guide

With proper storage, cigars will last for several months or years. Proper humidity and temperature in the storage environment are the factors that help keep your cigars fresh. It would be best if you protect your sticks from harmful insects. 

Premium cigars can age like wine. If you store them properly, they can develop a more refined and smoother flavor.

How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

cigars in a humidor

The best way to keep your cigars fresh is to have a decent humidor. It helps you store your cigars at a constant humidity level and temperature. The lifespan of your sticks depends on the settings of the humidor. It is important that you set the temperature to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity to about 70%. You should calibrate your hygrometer every few months to keep your stogies in the best condition.

When you place your cigars in the humidor, you should separate them according to their flavor profiles. Otherwise, the flavors of the cigars could mix and become contaminated. The best way to prevent this is to use dividers so that your cigars retain their authentic flavor profiles.

When a cigar has been stored in the proper environment for an extended period of time, tiny white crystals may appear on the surface of the cigar. These crystals are “plume.” The plume is a harmless substance and is actually a sign that your cigar has been properly aged.

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How Long Does a Cigar Last Without a Humidor?

a dried out cigar

Cigars can last about two days unless stored in proper conditions. If you stay in hot and dry weather and do not store your cigars in a humidor, they may lose their essential oils and the cigar will taste bitter and lose its aroma. Insufficient humidity negatively affects the construction, taste, and consistency of the cigar. Conversely, high humidity will cause your cigar to feel damp and burn out frequently. If the cigar is too moist, there is a higher risk of mold growth.

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How Long Do They Last in a Plastic Wrapper?

The plastic wrapper keeps a cigar fresh for about 30 days. After that, the cigar begins to dry out because the wrapper is porous and allows air to pass through. But the “plastic wrapper” is the cellophane that cigar makers use to wrap each cigar before placing it in a cedar box. And in fact, the cellophane is not plastic. It’s made from cellulose, which is compostable and completely biodegradable. 

If you keep the cigar in the cellophane wrapper in a humidor, it will last quite a long time.

How Long Do Sticks Last in a Box?

cedar cigar box

In a wooden box, cigars last between two and six months. It is important to keep the sticks dry and protected from light. How long cigars last in a box depends on the brand, size, and quality of the cigar. You should keep in mind that your cigars will lose flavor and quality over time.

How Long Can Cigars Last in a Plastic Bag with Boveda?

Cigars stay fresh in a zip-lock bag for two or three days. If you place a Boveda pack in the zip-lock bag, cigars can stay fresh for two months to a year, depending on how often you open the bag. Any other airtight container can do the job. This way, you can make a makeshift humidor.

Do Cigars Get Better with Age?

cigars and a humidor

Yes, this is true for premium cigars. A lousy cigar will not improve its taste even after a hundred years in the humidor. As a premium cigar ages, the oils in the binder, filler and wrapper blend into a consistent profile. The resulting flavors are generally finer and milder. The humidor you use to age the cigars will affect the outcome of this process.

Do Some Cigars Last Longer Than Others?

Premium cigars last longer than poor-quality cigars. The first variety is made through years of experimentation to achieve a specific flavor and strength profile. Blenders use high-quality tobacco leaves that are properly stored and aged. In this way, cigar makers produce cigars that can be smoked immediately after purchase. But they can also benefit from aging for some time in your humidor. Their qualities are such that the fusion of the oils and sugars of the different tobacco leaves improves their flavor.

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