How Long Do Cigars Last Without a Humidor

Cigars stored outside a humidor and without any preservation methods will last up to two days. If you are a cigar lover, you need more than this lifespan. The cigar humidor is the best way to preserve the freshness of cigars. But if you are on a trip or vacation far from home and find a rare stick to enjoy later at home, you will have to improvise with what is available. We have all experienced such situations and learned how to store our sticks and enjoy them later.

How to Keep Cigars Fresh Without a Humidor and How Long Will They Last?

Even if you have a humidor, it’s helpful to know that storing cigars without a humidor is possible. Here you can learn how to do it:

Ziploc Bag and Sponge or Humidification Pouch

You can store your cigars for a few weeks in a Ziploc bag and a sponge or humidification pouch. This is not a long term method of keeping the moisture of your cigars. But it is fine for a few cigars you plan to smoke in the next few days. The more often you open the Ziploc bag, the faster your cigars will dry out.

Place your cigars in the Ziploc bag and put a damp piece of sponge inside. The sponge should not be so soaked that the water leaks inside the bag. Make sure the sponge does not come in contact with the cigars. Too much moisture increases the risk of mold growth. Instead of a wet sponge, you can use a humidification pouch such as Boveda. Humidification pouches are small packets that create ideal conditions for your stogies. In this case, you do not have to worry about your cigars getting soaked.

Tupperware and Sponge or Humidification Pouch

tupperware with cigars

If you use an airtight container and a sponge or a humidification pouch, your cigars can last up to three months. It is crucial that the container is tightly sealed and that it is clean and odor free. 

This method is similar to the Ziploc method. Be careful not to soak your cigars with the sponge. A Boveda pack and an airtight container can preserve the humidity of 25 cigars for ninety days.

We prefer this as DIY humidor improvisation because the rigid box protects your cigars from being crushed in your luggage.


A cooler, also called a coolidor, is a great way to store cigars for an extended period of time. If you want to turn your cooler into a humidor, you will need to buy a humidification unit and a hygrometer. A single humidification unit can keep up to forty cigars fresh, and the built-in fan provides adequate airflow. And the hygrometer will help you maintain the optimal humidity and temperature.

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Sealed Box

You can keep cigars in their original box. Usually, cigar manufacturers package their premium cigars in boxes with a cedar interior. As long as it is sealed, the cigars can be stored in it for up to a month and a half. When you open the box, the cigars dry out for about thirty days. The period depends on the room temperature and the climate outside your home.


How long do unopened cigars last?

In a sealed box, cigars can last up to six weeks. A cigar sold individually in cellophane wrappers retains its freshness for about 30 days.

Is a cigar ruined if it dries out?

A premium cigar can be re-humidified if it has dried out, but it probably will not taste as good as it should. When the cigar is completely dried out, its essential oils are gone.

Do cigars last longer in the fridge?

No, they do not. The refrigerator is too cold and too dry to keep your cigars in.

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