How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor

If you season your humidor and set the right humidity and temperature, your cigars can last up to five years. Some cigars can be aged for a decade or more. High-quality cigars develop a finer and smoother flavor after proper aging.

Cigar Aging

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Many connoisseurs compare fine cigars to fine wine: they get better with age. The aging of tobacco begins even before it is rolled into cigars. Manufacturers let the sorted tobacco leaves mature for several years. The aging process refines the taste of the tobacco. Many cigar manufacturers let the cigars age after rolling. This improves the product and blends the oils in the filler, binder, and wrapper for a smoother flavor. Some cigar aficionados continue to age their cigars after purchase. They store the cigar boxes in their humidor for years, even decades. This is called box aging.

The best way to find out if aging benefits your favorite cigar is to buy a few and smoke them at various intervals while storing them properly. A good stick for this experiment is Padron 1926 Series. You can buy five cigars and smoke one of the cigars right after you buy it. Put the rest of the cigars in your humidor. Smoke another cigar after one month and another after three months. Take notes on the flavor of the cigar, its body, and its overall strength. Then smoke one after six months and the last one after one year. Again, take notes on how the profile of the cigar changes as it ages. In the end, compare your notes.

You can age premium cigars for a decade or more if you provide adequate humidity and temperature. We know this is a fascinating answer to the question of how long do cigars last in a humidor. The optimal levels are 70 degrees and 70% relative humidity. However, slightly lower humidity (64% to 68% relative humidity) and slightly cooler temperatures (63 to 68 degrees) also favor the aging process. Since temperature and humidity fluctuations are bad for cigars, moderately lower values are recommended for better consistency.

Proper Cigar Storage

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The proper way of storing cigars is in a decent humidor. Most humidors and the boxes in which cigars are sold are made of Spanish cedar. This type of wood does not contain resins that can be absorbed by the cigars and alter the cigar aroma. It also provides adequate humidity and moisture control and is the best remedy against tobacco pests.

Choose a humidor that suits your needs. It is better if the humidor is electric and has a ventilation system. Otherwise, you will have to open the doors for a few minutes every month or so. 

For the humidor to work properly, it must close tightly, have a humidification system, and a hygrometer. It’s also critical that you use only distilled water, propylene glycol or Boveda packs when setting up a new humidor. It is best to calibrate your hygrometer every three months to ensure that your cigars are stored in the proper conditions. 

To keep your cigars fresh and aging properly, replenish humidity as needed, maintain a constant temperature, and rotate your cigars. Place the cigars from the top shelf to the bottom shelf and vice versa. This way, the cigars closest to the source of humidity will not absorb a disproportionate amount of moisture.

When you place your cigars in your humidor, separate them by brand and flavor profile. If you do not separate them, the flavors of the cigars can change and spoil. Avoid cramming your humidor too full of cigars. Leave about 25% of the interior free.

Seasoning a Humidor

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Before you start using your new humidor, you should season it first. This way, the wood will not deform. Seasoning prevents your humidor from absorbing moisture from your cigars. Seasoning is the most important step in keeping your cigars in good condition.

Before seasoning your humidor, calibrate the hygrometer. You will need distilled water or propylene glycol, a kitchen sponge, a plastic bag, paper towels, and a large bowl. Start by soaking the sponge in the bowl with distilled water (or propylene glycol). Put the plastic bag in your humidor and place the sponge on top. The sponge should be very wet, but not so wet that the liquid drips off of it. This is the moisture source for the seasoning. Remove the cigar humidifier from the humidor, place it in the bowl with distilled water (or propylene glycol) and soak it. When it is completely soaked, remove it and place it face down on paper towels for about 30 minutes to allow the excess water to drain. Place the cigar humidifier and hygrometer back into the humidor. Then seal it and wait for two days. If your humidor has wooden shelves or dividers, place them inside to allow them to season.

Repeat the step after two days with the soaked sponge and wait another 24 hours. Do not be alarmed if your hygrometer reads 80% or 85% humidity. This is normal when seasoning your humidor. The next day, the humidity should be around 70% and you can put your cigars in the humidor. This is how to season a humidor.

It is advisable to invest in a quality humidor that suits your needs. Choose the size according to your desired cigar collection. The design and features should suit your lifestyle, whether it is a travel humidor, a single-chamber humidor, or a walk-in humidor.

Check Up Regularly

Regular checks are how to make sure your humidor is working properly and that your cigars are stored in the right conditions. If you are curious about how long cigars last without a humidor, follow the link.

Monitor the humidity level, temperature, and air supply. Examine your cigars for signs of plume or mold. You can check the moisture content of your cigars by gently pressing them in to see if they are not too soft and spongy or too stiff. Here is a useful guide on how to tell if a cigar is dry.

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