Do Cigars Give You a Buzz

Yes, cigars can give you a buzz because they contain a lot of nicotine. And that is responsible for the buzz you get when you smoke them. The buzz depends on the characteristics of the cigar and not only on that. If you still ask, do cigars give you a buzz or do cigars get you buzzed, read on and you’ll understand.

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How does the Cigar Buzz work?

When you smoke a cigar, the nicotine contained in the cigar enters your bloodstream through your palate. When the nicotine reaches your brain, it triggers a release of neurotransmitters in your nervous system. One of these is dopamine, which produces a sense of well-being and pleasure. This state is the buzz from cigars.

Even though cigars have a higher nicotine content compared to cigarettes, cigars are not meant to satisfy a nicotine craving. You should smoke slowly and taste the cigar. You should give in to the sensation. And no, cigars do not get you cigar high. Tobacco does not contain substances that alter your perception of reality and impair your ability to think, as recreational drugs do.

Why Do Some Cigars Give You a Buzz?

Factors such as nicotine content, how fast you smoke, your nicotine tolerance, and the size of the cigar affect the buzz you get. We smoke cigars for their flavor, aroma, and the whole experience, not to get a buzz.

The Amount of Nicotine

A cigar contains up to 100 times more nicotine than a cigarette. The nicotine content determines the strength of the cigar. The higher the intensity, the greater the chance of getting a buzz. The nicotine from strong cigars can give you a buzz from smoking.

Your Smoking Speed

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The proper pace for smoking a cigar is to puff on it every minute. This way, your cigar will burn at the right temperature and you will notice its taste and aroma. If you smoke faster, the nicotine will enter your bloodstream faster and create a stronger cigar buzz. And if you smoke more than five puffs per minute, the nicotine rush in your bloodstream will make you nauseous.

The Cigar Size

Choosing the right cigar size is critical to the overall smoking experience. Choose it according to your time to smoke and your preference for intensity and vitola. Check out our cigar guide to learn more about the characteristics of a cigar.

You can judge the buzz you will get from a cigar by its size. More tobacco means more nicotine.

Your Tolerance

Our bodies are different; some people are more sensitive to nicotine than others. It takes longer for one person to feel a buzz, while another needs very little nicotine to get that rush. So, if you do not feel a buzz after smoking a big vitola, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your nicotine tolerance is higher. 

Nicotine tolerance gets higher the more often you smoke. Most aficionados smoke occasionally and not for the buzz.

How Long Does a Cigar Buzz Last?

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If you want a bigger buzz that doesn’t last long, choose a thicker ring but shorter cigar that delivers more nicotine to your palate at once. You will get a milder buzz that lasts longer if you choose a thinner but longer cigar and smoke it to the end.

As you smoke your cigar, your body begins to process the nicotine that passes through your palate. It is first converted to cotinine and then completely broken down. Nicotine, which is responsible for the buzz, has a half-life of about two hours. After two hours, the amount in your bloodstream drops by about 50%. After another two hours, it drops another 50%, and so on. Cotinine has a half-life of about 16 hours but is not responsible for the “cigar buzz.” Once you have broken down the nicotine, the buzz effect disappears.

How to Avoid Getting a Buzz?

There are some ways to relieve cigar buzz if you want to avoid it:

  • Choosing the right cigar – If you have a lower nicotine tolerance, choose mild or medium-strength cigars. When choosing vitola, also consider the time you have to smoke.
  • We recommend that you smoke cigars after a meal. The stronger the cigars, the bigger the meal. It is not a good idea to smoke on an empty stomach.
  • A spoonful or a pack of sugar is a good option to relieve the buzz from the cigar.
  • A soda, carbonated water, or other carbonated drink will help. Such a drink will relieve the buzz and cleanse the palate.
  • You can also relieve the buzz with a bar of your favorite chocolate.
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