La Aroma de Cuba Corona Review



Origin: Nicaragua;

Smoking time: around 100 minutes;

Packaging: single, pack of three, box of twenty-five;

Price: $6.15 per stick, $30.75 per pack, $153.75 per box.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf;

Blinder: Nicaraguan;

Filler: Nicaraguan;

Size: 5.5×44;

Vitola: Corona;

Wrapper Color: Colorado Maduro;

Colorado Maduro wrapper

Construction: Dense;

Handmade: Yes.

Strength: Medium;

Body: Medium;

Aroma: Scpices, Chocolate;

Initial taste: Cocoa, Earth;

First third: Cocoa, Citrus notes, Earth, Pepper, and Chocolate;

Second third: Cocoa, Citrus, Earthiness, Coffee, Anise, Spices, and Chocolate;

Final third: Cocoa, Earth, Anise, Spices, and Chocolate.

Smoking Hub Rating: 4.8;

Awards and Ranking: Cigar’s Aficionado ‘#1 Cigar Industry Best Buy in the World’ with a 93-point rating.

Draw: Ideal, A little resistance;

Burn: Cool;

Smoke: Rich;

Ash: Silver.

La Aroma de Cuba is a must-have cigar for new cigar lovers and experienced smokers worldwide. Combine it with your favorite coffee and enjoy the time you smoke this stogie.

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Origin, Blend, and Vitolas

This brand originated in Cuba and was the favorite cigar brand of Winston Churchill in the late 1800s. Cigar Aficionado rated La Aroma de Cuba 93 points and named it the ‘#1 Cigar Industry Best Buy in the World’.  

La Aroma de Cuba is a bold blend of Nicaraguan longfillers with Cuban seed wrapped in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The blend is crafted by Don José “Pepin” Garcia of My Father Cigars.

These cigars are available in Belicoso, Churchill, Corona, Double Corona, Gordo, Robusto, and Toro vitolas.

For this review of La Aroma de Cuba, we smoked the Corona vitola of these great cigars.

On the market

La Aroma de Cuba is available in packs of 5, boxes of 25, and as single cigars.


La Aroma de Cuba By My Father Cigars/Ashton

La Aroma de Cuba has a gorgeous, intricate band. There is no way you can confuse it. The colors of the band contrast perfectly with the shimmering Colorado Maduro wrapper. At the foot of the cigar is a bright red cloth band like a bow. The wrapper has hardly any coarse veins.

Pre-Light Draw, Aroma, Taste

The taste before lighting is of dusty cocoa and earth. The smell of the cigar is of spicy chocolate.

The Corona Vitola requires about a 2/8-inch piece of the head to be cut off. The draw is perfect, there is a little resistance.

First Third

The first few puffs taste of cocoa, citrus notes, and earth. On the retrohale, there is a balance between notes of pepper and chocolate. The guys on our team sense that there is more pepper on the retrohale, while for our lovely lady, the chocolate is more pronounced.

Second Third

As smoking progresses, flavors enhance. Cocoa, citrus, and a very pleasant earthiness, as well as some coffee and anise notes. Don Pepin has achieved a really nicely balanced flavor profile with this cigar.

In the second third, Adelina senses more peppery notes on the retrohale, but no unpleasant burning pepperiness. She reports that it is like a desired coffee in the afternoon, it keeps you alert and in good shape.

Final Third

The cocoa and earthiness are still present here. The anise notes of the second third are now more pronounced and the citrus notes have disappeared. You’ll find spice and chocolate on the retrohale. The whole team is in agreement here.


The ash is holding on quite well, forming layer after layer of silver burnt tobacco.


La Aroma de Cuba burns down quite well. The structure of the cigar is very dense and this provides a stable burn for the cigar. None of the cigars smoked needed to be relit. The burn line is almost straight.


You can draw an elegant light smoke from La Aroma de Cuba. When you inhale it through your nose, you will feel its peppery bite.

What Drink and Food Pairs Well with the La Aroma de Cuba

La Aroma de Cuba is perfect for an afternoon coffee or even for the morning coffee ritual. 

Alcoholic drinks with light notes of sweetness and fruits, such as single malt Scotch whisky, bourbon, rum, and cognac.

Cigar Smoked for This Review and Tasting Methodology

For this review, we smoked nine cigars of this tasty cigar, Corona, 5.5×44. Each of us smoked three cigars for three days. We all agree that it is best to accompany the cigar with water so that our palates are well cleaned and the flavors of the cigar are not affected.

Final Verdict

La Aroma de Cuba is a flavorful cigar with a very bold blend by Don José “Pepin” Garcia of My Father Cigars. An absolute gem when it comes to price/quality ratio.

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