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man smoking a cigar

Do Cigars Give You a Buzz

Yes, cigars can give you a buzz because they contain a lot of nicotine. And that is responsible for the buzz you get when you smoke them. The buzz depends on the characteristics of the cigar and not only on…

masonic cigars

The Freemason Cigars

You have probably heard of the Freemasons. The secrecy surrounding their rituals promotes many misunderstandings and conspiracy theories. In reality, Freemasonry is the oldest worldwide fraternal organization. Members of the Brotherhood have been politicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and engineers.…

ashing a cigar

How to Ash a Cigar: The Correct Way

The correct way to ash a cigar is to gently roll it in the ashtray. As a result, a cone shape will form at the tip of the cigar. This cone shape allows you to keep more than an inch…

putting a cigar out

How to Enjoy a Cigar Properly

The right way to enjoy a cigar is the safe way to smoke a cigar. Do not leave the burning stogie unattended and hold it tightly when you have it in your hand! And do not inhale the smoke! These…

dry cigar

How Long Does it Take a Cigar to Dry

If you keep your cigars at about 70% relative humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not dry out. However, if you store a cigar outside the humidor in a hot, sunny, or windy environment, it may dry out within…

the triple support cigar holding

How to Hold a Cigar

This may seem like a minor issue, but cigars are not to be trifled with. They burn and if you leave them unattended, they can start a fire. Holding a cigar properly is also a matter of etiquette and attitude.…

dry cigar

How to Tell If a Cigar is Dry

You can tell if a cigar is dry by rolling it between your fingers. If you hear a cracking sound, the cigar is very dry. Good cigars with the proper moisture level feel resilient and firm. If the surface of…

dry cigars

Can You Smoke a Dry Cigar

Technically, you can smoke a dried-out cigar. But in this case, you will look like an inexperienced aficionado, and the others will look at you as if you were a beginner. In short, you should not smoke dried-out cigars. Instead,…

cigar inspection

How to Choose and Select a Cigar

There are plenty of cigar brands on the market to choose from and it can sometimes be quite an overwhelming endeavor. Our goal is to eliminate your confusion, so you can be sure that you will choose the perfect cigar…

premium vs non-premium cigars

What is a Premium Cigar

Premium cigars are made entirely by hand and the manufacturing process and materials are natural. The flavor and color of Premium cigars result solely from curing and fermentation, and no other chemicals are used. Non-premium cigars, on the other hand,…